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ForumBolt.com is a free phpbb host, with no ads! ForumBolt.com was created so people can easily get a forum online.

ForumBolt's List of Features
  • Designed with security as a priority
  • Powerful and extensive authorization system
  • Strong encryption to keep passwords safe in the database
    Unlimited Forums & Categories
  • Unlimited forums can be organized into as many categories as you like
  • Private forums and those only for specified user groups
  • Powerful search facility
    Posting Messages
  • Message formatting with various font styles and sizes as well as allowing quoting, code display, image posting and automatic URL linking
  • Support of standard and extended BBCode tags and controlled HTML tags
  • Polls can be simply added to posts
  • Email notification of replies to your topics
  • Powerful topic subscription capability
  • Original emoticons to portray emotions
    Versatile User Groups & Forum Permissions
  • Powerful forum, user and group permission management
  • Control forum access to specified user groups
  • Control all aspects of the posting experience
  • Allow limited access to viewing, posting, replying and many other options
    Member Features
  • Unlimited members
  • Personal profile creation
  • Post counting and administrator-definable ranks for users
  • Email-like private messaging system
  • Supports local, remote and unloadable avatars
    Moderation Features
  • Topic editing
  • Mass delete/move/lock/unlock of posts
  • Topic splitting
  • Option of auto-pruning of old or unanswered messages on a per-forum basis
    Easy to Use Administration Centre
  • General configuration
  • Forum & category setup
  • Disallowed usernames
  • User authorization
  • Word censoring
  • Complete member management
  • Emoticon setup
  • Optional new post verification
  • Extensive ban management, ban by email address, username or single/multiple IP address or hostname
  • IP tracking of posts and posters
  • Mass emailing of groups and users by the administrator
    Style and Customisation
  • Multiple styles available for the user to choose from
  • Complete control of fonts and colors with cascading style sheets (CSS)
  • Default style compliant with XHTML 1.0 and HTML 4.01 recommendations from the W3C